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How to Wear Magnetic Jewelry | How to Size & Measure | Magnetic Warnings
How Are We Different? | How Do You Measure Power & What is Gauss?

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How To Wear Magnetic Therapy Jewelry

It is suggested that you wear your healthware initially for three
three consecutive days on one side to allow your body to 'set
your channels.' If you feel no improvement, try switching to
the other side for three days. Everyone reacts differently!
You may feel a sensation immediately; some wearers slowly
experience relief; & some feel nothing. Regardless, what
matters is whether it works or you or not. Test and evaluate
what is best for you and the frequency you care to wear magne-
tism - every day or less. It's all about what is best for you.

Experiment! Have fun and be open in
understanding your body and mind.

Can I Get My Magnetic Jewelry Wet?

It is best not to wear your magnetic jewelry when you shower,
bathe or swim or when washing and splashing to protect your
jewelry from soap scum build-up, oxidizing of the iron or the
tiny mineral build-up from the natural elements in water. The
exception would be some of our elastic styles without metal.

How Do I Start Wearing my Magnetic
Therapy Jewelry at First?

Rule of Thumb: Start by wearing your new magnetic therapy
bracelet or necklace for three consecutive days; then as
needed. This helps reset your inner channels and electrical
streaming. stabilizing disorderly energy, balancing the
energies between the body and the mind. Read your body &
learn to understand your needs and wear your magnetism as
needed, noticing your daily fluctuations. Some days you may
need more power than others. Wearing magnetic therapy
jewelry at night is optional,some say it helps with insomnia.
Left or Right Side? With magnetic bracelets wear on it
one side for 3 days and notice what happens. If you do not
notice any improvement, try three days on the opposite side
to see if you get any improvement. Listen to your body, it
will naturally tell you which side to wear your bracelet on any
given day. Obviously it helps to wear it near the infirmary.

How To Open a Magnetic Clasp

Don't break your nails! Basically crack it like an egg:
To Open; hold each side of clasp between thumb and forefinger
of each hand & crack open at the top or split open at the bottom.
To Remove; just put a finger between your clasp and skin and
just pull away from your wrist to separate the ends.
To Put On; wrap around your wrist bringing clasp towards
each other - they will attract and join together.
It is that easy!


DO NOT USE if wearing a PACEMAKER or any internal device.

If pregnant - Please ask your Doctor first!

Always ask your physician before starting anything new that may
affect your health. We are not dispensing medical advice nor
claiming cures nor are we suggesting anyone stop or change routines
approved by their Doctors. We cannot be held responsible for any
negative experiences or damages due to your wearing, misplacing,
losing or the storage of our magnetic jewelry.

Please use and store products wisely.
credit cards
(you may work on your PC safely wearing magnets)
(Magnetic fields can permanently effect color cells)
hearing aides
audio tapes
video tapes
floppy discs
Keep your magnetic jewelry on a separate wrist from a mechanical watch.

Vital Wonders GUARANTEE
All pieces have a lifetime guaranteed for sizing and cord strength, the first three months from chipping
and fading; after that we are happy to replace, repair or restring any Vital Wonders piece for a possible nominal fee; CLICK HERE for more Guarantee information.

Magnetic Gauss Power Chart

Click here for our Magnetic Therapy page with scientific
information about magnetism, gauss power, magnetic pene-
tration and other magnetic properties and studies.

[Below is our private unscientific rating system to help understand
how to compare magnetic jewelry designs and comparative strengths.]

Vital Wonders designs our magnetic jewelry to reflect total
magnetic Gauss strengths of between 8,500 to over 50,000.
Powers over 20,000 gauss should be considered carefully.

Our Total Magnetic Power number is the sum, in gauss, by
adding the gauss power of each bead on a piece of jewelry
together. Think of the total carat weight in a diamond
tennis bracelet, the carat weight reflects not one stone
but the sum of all the stones together.We feel this is a
universal graspable way of measuring and comparing
each magnetic piece.

We rate each piece by a simple system as follows:

MEDIUM   8,500 up to 10,000 Gauss
MEDIUM + 10,000 up to 11,000 Gauss
MEDIUM ++ 11,000 up to 12,000 Gauss
HIGH 12,000 up to 15,000 Gauss
HIGH + 15,000 up to 17,000 Gauss
HIGH ++ 17,000 up to 19,000 Gauss
XTRA HIGH 19,000 up to 25,000 Gauss
XTRA HIGH + 25,000 up to 35,000 Gauss
XTRA HIGH ++ 35,000 up to 50,000 Gauss
Special Order * * over 50,000 total Gauss
"Research has shown that a strength of 12,000 gauss or
above is needed to effect enzyme production inside the
cells and effect collagen density in and around joints;
two major factors that support healing."
Guidelines for Magnetic Therapists: magnetic surface
strength of 1,000-3,000 gauss are recommended for chronic
diseases like rheumatism, paralysis, backache & large
muscle injury; 500 guass is recommended for delicate body
parts as eyes or ears or for children.

What is Gauss?
Gauss is the measurement of the intensity of the field strength of
magnetizing force in cgs units; [cgs is the centimeter-gram-second
system] equal to one line of magnetic flux per square centimeter.
The magnetic flux density is measured by the number of lines of
force per square centimeter.
A unit of magnetic induction: 1 gauss = one maxwell = 1 magnetic
field line within one square centimeter or .0001 tesla.
Named after mathematician/astronomer/physicist Karl Friedrich
[1777-1855], the tesla after Nikola Tesla [1856-1943] and
the maxwell after the Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell
[1831-1879] who formulated electromagnetic theory.

How to Measure / Sizing

Bracelet Sizes
We have a drop down list of wrist measurements in 1/4"
increments from 6" - 9 3/4". Please e-mail us for any
special size requests.

To Measure Wrist
Wrap measuring tape or string around your wrist end to end,
note measurement. Please pick size from drop down list equal
to your exact measurement - we will add a half inch to three
quarters of an inch for an average fit. We will adjust the size
according to circumfrances of beads included. If you prefer a
snug fit or want a looser drape, please send an email with your
specifications at the same time as you order.
Any bracelet too loose with a magnetic clasp can be easily
snagged and lost. Too tight will cause marks and pinching
when the magnetic clasp closes and can pop off with a flex
of your muscle.
Please e-mail with questions or special requests.

To Measure Anklet
With foot flexed: measure around the ankle, above the bones for
a high fit or drape loosely over or under the ankle bones for a
lower drape. Please send us the exact reading and specify the
kind of drape you desire. We will add the extra 1/2" - 3/4"
needed depending on what type of beads you pick. Send an
E-mail with your anklet order including your exact measure-
ment. We will then quote you a price.

Necklace Lengths:

Choker - 16"
Princess / Pendant - 18"
Matinee - 20 - 24
Opera - 28-32"
Rope - 40 -45"
Doubled - 45+"
Lariat - 48" + not joined

Choker - 16, 18, 20"
Pendant - 22, 24, 26, 28, 30"
Rope - 32, 34, 36, 38, 40"

The Vital Wonders Difference

Magnetic Therapy enhances and invigorates your own natural
defenses to help you improve your overall mental and physical
health. At Vital Wonders we believe strongly in making
in making tangible the vision of Regenerative Transformation
& the mystic evolution of self-awareness & growth. Reclaiming
& mastering control over your own body empowers you to help
yourself to feel better and improve your own health; with the
extraordinary beneficial effects magnetism gives the body.

Is it worth trying magnetic jewelry? It is up to you! Take control
& embrace responsibility for your Self! If you feel magnetism
isn't for you, we have a money-back guarantee, as long as the
piece shows no wear ... or you may think of giving it to some-
one you care about ~ it makes a thoughtful gift.

At Vital Wonders we are all about style and variety - Choices are
where it's at! We encourage buying multiple bracelets to avail
your various whims, desires, and delights; & to ease the strain
per piece. Magnets are a powerful force that wear on jewelry
quickly. Many people choose to wear their magnetic therapy
continuously, therefore switching pieces helps to extend the
life wearability and longevity of each piece. We suggest wear-
ing our sturdy Mainstay pieces that are plainer, practical,
powerful, and more comfortable for sleeping in or wearing while
light exercising or playing; and then have fun picking from all
the fashionable styles to allow yourself to switch to office,
evening, or party-wear in both Classic & Trendy styles.

All custom orders are welcome for single pieces, partial
and full sets
. Special orders are always welcome.

About Kim DiJulio Designs

Kim DiJulio has been developing Vital Wonders Healthware since 2003, developing
a strong knowledge base about magnetism; adding hundreds of styles using all the new-
est types of magnetic hematite and magnetite beads, in all the fab newest finishes like
pearlized & rainbow effect, swirls & picassos, silver & gold plated; all shapes, sizes,
colors, high powers & even hand-painted designs.

"I have seen many changes in the magnetic therapy field, mostly cheap imports taking
over the market importing few designs with few choices. I am most comfortable de-
signing bracelets that are between 9,000 and 30,000+ gauss. Enzyme production be-
comes effective after about 10,500 gauss for most people, so I average most styles
btw 10,000 - 20,000 gauss to be quite effective for the majority, but offer less than
10,500 for those who are very sensitive to magnetism & also offer very powerful
bracelets & necklaces for those who are experienced & need a lot of power."

All Vital Wonders products are designed and made in the USA.
"The art of jewelry making only trumps my adamant belief in the power of magnetism,
how they compliment each other and how the combination positively affects the body,
mind and health."

"I know how magnetism has improved my quality of life and what I want to do is
bring relief to others too - and bestow good looks at the same time!"

"I am offering a selection of goodies priced between fair to extravagant to be salable
to all, with styles, colors and powers for everyone."
Kim DiJulio

Enjoy my shop & please bookmark my site and keep visiting to see what is new.

To find more information on Magnetic Therapy please click here. See my full biography here.

More Comments from our Customers:

Email Us your Comments & Reviews

From Mary:
Dear Kim; Wow, the bracelets are perfect!!!. I'm wearing all four as I take dog out because I want to admire your exquisite handiwork.
I really appreciate your artistry and talent. Thank you so much for your hard work.

From Billie:
The jewelry came today & it's absolutely gorgeous! Mom said to tell you that she loves it & thanks so much for thinking of her &
that you're so kind for doing that. :) It's very pretty & came in some cool little bags with silver stars on them...
very classy. They did a nice job :)

From Marge:
I am emailing you to tell you how happy I am after receiving my 4 magnetic therapy bracelets. I bought 2 in gold and 2 in silver -
I love the mix of magnets and gems... They really hide the fact that they are helping me control my arthritis.
I bought different strengths depending how good or bad my pain level is. I feel empowered.
I love your great styles and in making magnetic therapy so fun.

from Bill;
Kudos on your great customer service, unique products and speedy delivery.

From Darlene:
I just love my order. I threw away those Chinese wraps I was using. They always unraveled. I love how I can now match my outfits
and I get so many compliments! My special orders fit perfectly and I love the fact no one knows they are therapeutic.

from lazygal;
Dear - thanks so much for your effort to get this gift off for me. My sister loves it and her friends at the tv station want some too. Thanks again.

from Johnnie;
I look absolutely fabulous in my red horn magnetic cuffs. Everyone at the cheese department at Whole Foods wants one but I told them
you designed it especially for me!

from Steve;
Thanks for the turquoise magnetic bracelet for my wife. She was in so much constant pain and I have seen an improvement in her since she received
her magnetic therapy bracelet. She says I look real dandy in my turquoise magnetic necklace and boy have my headaches lessened and I swear
my hair is growing!
:) Steve

from Olga;
Just a note to thank you for the order of my bracelets. I love purple and no one can believe I got purple magnetic bracelets.
Everyone at the retirement center is red with envy.

from R.;
Thank you very much for my order, Kim. They are more beautiful than I thought! Thanks for spending so much time designing them for me
and my son. I just wanted to thank you.

Kim DiJulio, Artist/Designer

magnetic jewelry montage

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