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Kim DiJulio Designs

Kim DiJulio - Designer, Developer, Artisan
Feel free to check out my blogs: for Kim's art glass blog for Kim's blog on magnetic therapy and magnetic jewelry.

Artist Statement

Artist Statement

My Philosophy

My life and art has been in studying the relevance between two basic sides of life, the duality of existence; its divine meaning vs. incontestable chaos and their constant blending. I have always searched for pattern within and without, the fundamental artistic power balance between black and white or positive and negative; and its muses - the endless array of grayscale and colors in either measured patterns or in abstract. I try to find the root/source/prime of ideas and their manifestations. I try to innovate, redesign, rethink.

I studied at the famed New School for Social Research and Parsons School of Design in NYC throughout the 1970's into the 1980's, attempting to explore and narrow my eclectic fields of interests, only succeeding in adding a few. Adding to my base of writing, dance, fine arts [drawing, painting, sculpting], graphic arts, jewelry making, and fabric crafts [sewing, dyeing and pattern-making); my interests of study grew to add a new largely important development of studying film and acting, attending Claude Underwood's Acting School, NYC. I have taken classes in many schools over the decades learning one thing, the more you learn the more there is to learn.

What I am searching for are the common threads tying all these forms together. It all morphed into the discovery of the world of belly dance. Besides being the best form of exercise, improving flexibility, posture, breathing, body control and functioning; continuing workouts form a more and more feminine figure. I studied with many masters across the country with women from all over the world, culminating in Bobby Farrah's belly dance bootcamp in NYC! For 15 years I performed as Marina! in a duet and mostly as a solo artist, it was the culmination of incorporating all my interests - designing and sewing elaborate costumes, designing jewelry, creating shows, staging the performance ambience, setting props, music and choreographing every moment - even as a spontaneous dancer. And the dance incorporates all aspects of theater; atmosphere, performing dances of poetry, telling the epic of emotional life.

After 15 years, I wrote a book "Go Back to Step Forward" by Marina Spica [alias] about my theory of using metaphysical forces in choreography to add power and subliminal healing communication through movement. Plus basic info on ancient Egypt all bellydancers should know. My dancing then went into hiatus for health reasons.

I then wrote a fun puzzle book called "WordPlay Puzzlebook" with extensive, complicated puzzles with adult themes, titillating - not xxx. Elaborate intricate word finds, cryptograms, and more to bemuse. And in full color!

In 2003, owning and working a small vineyard in Western Colorado for over 20 years, had taken its toll on my body, esp. my hands and wrists. By chance I discovered a magnetic bracelet and was amazed at the incredible alleviation of my physical ailments. But there was no stylish magnetic jewelry available and that is what launched Vital Wonders Healthware - - and for years developed my company and web site. I moved part time to Denver to take master jewelry workshops to improve my skills and after experimenting, fell in love with making fused dichroic glass jewelry. I delved immediately into designing, manufacturing and innovating; developing my sister company 'Molten Ice Dichroic.'

I proudly offer the artistry of dichroic glass jewelry. Again putting together all my interests, I put much individuality into my pieces which are planned and developed, compiling intricate designs, mixing colors and patterns; coming out of my kiln as surprises with their own spontaneous results.

I prefer to buy glass in more expensive smaller sizes to take advantage of all the different choices and 'special runs' sometimes never to be seen again. That adds value and uniqueness to a piece. I hand cut my glass and some pieces may contain easily over 50 slivers and pieces of glass. I love to experiment with the 22 K gold decals which adds many extra steps, days, complexities and more risk but the results are quite unique. I started various themes, making mini scenes of nature, animals, birds, sea creatures and icons. I recently added plain glass blanks in shapes like circles which I build up with various specialty glass, for even circular earrings and fun fashion.

I try to get it right with the first trip to the kiln. I do not care to rework a piece over and over again, loving artistic spontaneous creation. I fire only 8 -20 pieces at a time with a long slow build-up of heat to preserve the elaborateness of each creation with the proper slow cooling of annealing. I love both the glossy glassy finish and also the matte bare dichroic textures. I sign my high-end pieces with my signature logo. Every piece is a process in which I tell a story to make each piece personal and a meaningful gift. Especially for oneself!

I celebrate the spontaneity of the free-flowing creative forces, in union within a manifested medium, constantly innovating and working outside the box.

Kim DiJulio - Designer, Developer, Artisan


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