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Alchemy Soap Line - No Longer Available Here

Shop Directly with the Master Soap Maker herself, Carol Ochs:
by Simply Soap of San Diego

"I personally use these soaps and find them amazing!" Kim DiJulio designer Vital Wonders

Premium 100% Natural, made-from-scratch Artisan Soaps derived from historically researched ancient recipes
- by Simply Soap! Each Ancient Alchemy soap is crafted from a well-researched antiquarian recipe, using all
natural vegetable & fruit oils, herbs, flowers (organic whenever possible!), pure essential oils and other
Earthly delights! Some recipes were originally discovered as herbal healing poultices or tonics which were
adapted into soaps! What defines the exquisiteness of the Alchemy Soap Line is their infusing their oils with
precious herbs and botanicals, maximizing their benefits for your skin in the final soap!
Alchemy Soaps
Tea Tree Oil is one of the strongest natural antiseptics known to man. It deeply penetrates skin, which explains its ability to sooth and relieve a large array of skin problems such as shingles, eczema and psoriasis, poison ivy, boils, cuts, insect bites, acne and minor burns, as an insect repellent... Tea Tree oil has been examined by scientists and found to have nearly neutral pH - perfect for use on human and animal skin and to help control fleas. Pure Tea Tree oil is non-toxic.
Aborigine is 6% tea tree oil with the added tea tree leaves, plantain and dandelion root herbal infusions. We recommend you soap-up and let the lather sit on your skin 2-3 minutes before rinsing to gain full effects of these wondrous botanicals!

African Black Magic
Originally created by the village women of Ghana and the West Coast of Africa; traditional 'Black Soap Powder' is created of burned palm leaves which are added to cocoa pod husks, burned plantain skins, African honey and virgin African shea butter made into a paste. The soap is always unscented. The finished soap is reknown for helping to heal lesions and alleviating many skin irritations and conditions.

Bog Bar
Bog or moor peat is extraordinarily nutrient-rich and excellent for the skin, especially for eczema and acne. This was long-ago discovered by the people in the Transylvanian region of Romania where peat bogs are abundant. Peat-effects consist of overall warming of the body and the organic-minerals help open pores and draw out impurities, decongesting skin for better blood flow and texture. Best to lather up and let the suds remain on your skin awhile before rinsing. This bar is scented with an earthy-tangy scent blend of lime and patchouli essential oils We order our peat directly from Transylvania.

An ancient scent recipe recreated from Egyptian hieroglyphics off the actual walls of the temple of Idfu where the most famous of all Kyphi incense was made, and also found on Egyptian papyri. Kyphi produces a full-bodied, multi-layered bouquet with a warm, relaxing, sweet, yet spicy, and sensual aroma. Over 14 natural ingredients make up this fragrant bouquet including frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, cassia & more. A TOTAL Egyptian experience!

Curandera Jabon
No Longer Made Means "Healing Soap" in Spanish. Yucca root works especially well on hair. Marshmallow root possesses amazing anti-inflammatory properties and is used widely in poultices for skin irritations and infections. Combining both with a refreshing herbal scent blend of lemon verbena, rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils; excellent for problem oily or congested skin.

No Longer Made Re-creating the Brown Windsor Soap recipe; a full-bodied soap enriched with French white and Moroccan rhassoul clays that yield bountiful fluffy lather ideal for the delicate art of shaving one's face. Extremely skin-soothing avocado oil and vitamin E oil is added to moisturize and accelerate healing of nicks. This rich and spicy soap is offered to you in a double puck shape (2) and replicates classic shave soaps used in the Victorian Era. Wooden soap bowl & lid sold separately.

French Way
No Longer Made Reputedly only five soap makers remain in the world who adhere to the strict edict formulation for "Savon de Marseille"! We've joined those ranks in producing "French Way", which contains 75% extra virgin olive oil, plus copra and palm scent and no colorants. However we go the extra mile and infuse our oils with calendula for soothing & healing attributes!

Tahitian Secret
No Longer Made In this exquisite soap we use 100% pure, tiare-scented Monoi de Tahiti oil (with *Appellation of Origin) added to create a divinely distinct soap! Tiare blossoms (Tahitian gardenia) are picked fresh in Tahiti as has been done for centuries, they are macerated and left to soak in pure Tahitian coconut oil for a minimum of four weeks, imparting not only their divine scent, but also their unparalleled skin-moisturizing properties! The resultant soft floral aroma is pure paradise! No additional scenting oils are necessary...just the tiare-soaked coconut oil! An exotic & ancient islander treasure for hair and skin beauty...a gift for dry skin!


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